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emmi® Ultrasonic Ultraljudsenheterna är undersökta och prisbelönta

emmi® Ultrasonic Ultraljudsenheterna är undersökta och prisbelönta

emmi® Ultraljudstandborstarnas funktionalitet och effektivitet har undersökts i flera olika undersökningar och produkterna har också vunnit flera priser. Du kan läsa mer nedan. Undersökningarna har bevisat att emmi® Ultraljudstandborstarna fungerar, och allt fler av våra kunder har fått hjälp av Ultraljudstandborstarna. I INFO-avsnittet kan du läsa mer om våra finländska användares erfarenheter.

Viktiga omnämnanden:

  • Teknologipriset år 2019 emmi®-dent, emmi®-pet och emmi®-skin
  • I Tyskland är emmi®-pet rekommenderad av Kennelförbundet
  • emmi®-pet har konstaterats vara en produkt som främjar djurs välmående (Wiens Universitet)
  • emmi®-skin har vunnit Hälsopriset 2023 i Tyskland. Du kan läsa mer om det >

Internationella priser som emmi® Ultraljudsenheter har erhållit

emmi® Ultrasonic GmbH har år 2019 mottagit priset Leading Innovators in Dental Cleaning Technology. Priset har beviljats av Global Health & Pharma. Priset beviljades för produktgrupperna emmi®-dent, emmi®-pet och emmi®-skin.

Priset i Leading Innovators in Dental Cleaning Tehchonolgy
Priset i Leading Innovators in Dental Cleaning Technology

Kvalitetsmärke för emmi®-dent produkter för obehindrad rengöring av tänder

Quality Seal EU-GS 904 3 201 7 0037 D 0

The European Centre of Excellence for Accessibility hereby awards, by decision of the
Control Committee of 25 September 2017 in accordance with the audit recommendation submitted.

Seal of approval: emmi ultrasonic GmbH

which is funded by the European Competence Centre for Accessibility e.V. Linnich, recognized
and by registration at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office as a Community trade mark
protected EURECERT quality seal for accessibility (EU-GS 904) for:

Test object: emmi®-dent Care

Scope of application: 904/3 Barrier-free products

Test centre: EURECERT Germany, Aachen

Quality testing according to the general and special quality and testing regulations EU-GS904:2017-01.
The quality seal holder is entitled to use the illustrated quality seal.

Valid from: 25 September 2017
Valid until: 24 September 2020
Initial testing: 21 September 2017

Determined for subsequent user groups:

Obehindrad rengöring av tänder i dessa grupper
Obehindrad rengöring av tänder i dessa grupper

It is confirmed that the quality inspection has been properly carried out in accordance with EURECERT quality inspection procedures.
The test object is regularly self-monitored and externally monitored.

Linnich, 25 September 2017

Patrick Dohmen, Board Member Competence Center for Accessibility e.V.:

"If we are looking for barrier-free products, then we are always looking for products "for all". We are also looking for products that also help people with disabilities and the elderly. We were convinced that with emmi®-dent CARE and emmi®-dent PLATINUM we had found such a product again, because dental hygiene is not a matter of course for old people and people with disabilities and there are many deficits. We are of the opinion that this problem can be solved with the ultrasonic toothbrush from emmi®-dent.

Undersökning från år 2018: Ultraljudstandborste jämfört med manuell tandborste för tandregleringspatienter med uppenbar tandköttsinflammation 

ORMED Institute for Oral Medicine at the University of Witten/Herdecke

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. P. Gängler
Dr. Tomas Lang, S. Saket, K. W. Weich

Sponsored by: EMAG AG, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf


Plaque retention around orthodontic brackets increases the short term gingivitis risk and the long term
caries risk in susceptible patients. It was, therefore, the aim of a randomized clinically-controlled study
to compare the improvement (i) of plaque control and (ii) gingivitis control by ultrasonic vs. manual


80 adolescents wearing fixed orthodontic appliances 6 month before removal and exhibiting ≥4
gingivitis teeth were randomly divided in 2 groups. The test group US (n=42) used the Emmi-dental
ultrasonic toothbrush (EMAG, Mörfelden-Waldorf, Germany). The control group CT (n=38) used the
manual toothbrush with oral hygiene tablets (Denttabs, Berlin, Germany). The Gingiva-Index was used
at 6 points/tooth at baseline, after 3-day-plaque-regrowth at start of study, after 2 and 12 weeks. The
modified Navy-Plaque-Index (Lang et al., 2011) was used at index teeth. Intra-oral photography
documented all teeth at baseline, at start and end of study with blinded pre-brushing and post-brushing
assessment of 6 planimetrical fields around the brackets buccally and 6 fields lingually and palatinally.


Highly significant reduction of gingivitis was documented for both groups,number of Gingivitis Teeth
from 13 to 4 in US and from 12 to 3 in CT. There was highly significant reduction of plaque index
(Ultrasonic 9.59 BL to 0.45 End around brackets, Manual 9.64 BL to 0.64 End). Hard and soft tissue
trauma have not been identified.


The study confirms earlier results of plaque reduction and contribution to gingival health (Denda, 2011
and May, 2013). The Emmi-dental Professional ultrasonic toothbrush used in a high risk cohort of
subjects unter orthodontic treatment and exhibiting chronic gingivitis is clinically effective in significant
plaque reduction and highly significantly decreasing the number of gingivitis teeth. The improvement of
oral hygiene is matching that of the control group. The advantage of ultrasonic brushing is the wearfree

Undersökning från år 2013: Ultraljudstandborstens effekt i upprätthållande vård av paradontit 

ORMED Institute for Oral Medicine at the University of Witten/Herdecke

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. P. Gängler

Dr. Tomas Lang

Study dentist: Alexander May

Sponsored by: EMAG AG, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

Executive Summary

Inflammation of the tooth attachment with bone loss and often gum bleeding are widespread and increasing among the population, finally resulting in tooth loss. Bacterial etiology of dysbiotic biofilms and usually powerful host responses, modulated by genetic and immunologic factors, play a major role. However, oral hygiene with toothbrushing and oral hygiene tablets or dentifrices containing fluoride represents an important part of periodontal maintainance treatment during home care.

Periodontitis is, like dental caries, a life-long disease. Therefore, a life-long dental follow-up including oral hygiene home care is needed. Consequently, a very soft but nevertheless highly effective toothbrushing technique with polishing or non-abrasive effects is important to avoid tooth wear.

In 2011 it was demonstrated that an exclusively ultrasound-activated toothbrush Emmi®dent Professional effectively reduced plaque biofilms and prevented gum bleeding with no wear risk (S. Denda et al.; J. Dent. Res. 91 (2012) Spec. Issue B, 2209)

It was, therefore, the aim of a clinical randomized parallel-design follow-up study to assess the efficacy of ultrasonic toothbrushing (Emmi dent Professional, EMAG AG, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany), compared to manual toothbrushing (Denttabs, Innovative Zahnpflegegesellschaft mbh, Berlin, Germany) in periodontal maintainance treatment over 3 months.

After scaling and root planing of periodontitis teeth with shallow pockets 16 subjects aged 45 – 54 yrs were included in the test group and 17 subjects in the control group, undergoing a 4-day training period. Baseline and follow-up data after 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks comprised six-point pocket depth, planimetrical plaque index (Lang et al. 2011) at 9 fields per vestibular and oral sites of teeth and Gingiva Index. The ultrasonic toothbrushing, used 2 times per day for 3 min., was exclusively ultrasound activated. Data underwent statistical analysis (t-test, U-test, Wilcoxon-test, χ²-test). The ultrasonic toothbrush group exhibited statistically significant higher reduction in mean probing depth (range 0.6 -. 1.2 mm) compared to the manual toothbrush group (range 0.5 – 0.9 mm). In the ultrasound group 50 % of shallow pockets vs. 39 % in the manual toothbrush group were transferred to pocket depth less than 3 mm. The percentage of plaque-free planimetrical fields after the training period increased significantly, and after 3 months the plaque reduction on vestibular sites was stable, with better performance of ultrasonic toothbrushing on mandibular teeth. The reduction of the Gingival Index is for both groups significant. Bleeding on probing is more reduced in ultrasonic toothbrushing group.
It was concluded that the outcome of scaling and root planning is markedly improved by ultrasonic toothbrushing, up to 3 months after treatment.

Clinical conclusion

The direct application of ultrasound within the oral cavity is a completely new biophysical dimension of effective tooth cleaning and control of the bacterial biofilms with no brushing action at all.

The tested exclusively ultrasound-activated toothbrush Emmi®-dent Professional is as effective in plaque reduction as a manual toothbrush being the gold standard in tooth cleaning. The ultrasonic toothbrush contributes to gingival health by significantly reducing gum bleeding and avoids completely abrasive brush movements. Therefore, the risk of wear lesions on teeth and gums is excluded. The ultrasound oral hygiene home care resulted in a markedly improved reduction of periodontal pockets compared to manual toothbrushing. Therefore, the ultrasonic toothbrush Emmi®-dent Professional contributes effectively to the periodontal maintenance treatment.

Undersökning från år 2012: Kliniskt kontrollerad undersökning för minskning av plack och behandling av inflammationer 

ORMED Institute for Oral Medicine at the University of Witten/Herdecke

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. P. Gängler

Dr. Tomas Lang

Study dentist: Sigrun Charlotte Denda

Sponsored by: EMAG AG, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

Executive Summary

Dental caries and periodontal diseases are the two major bacterial diseases of the oral cavity, and they are still highly prevalent. Besides microbiologic, immunologic and genetic factors of resistance to these infections, the personal oral hygiene using tooth brushes and fluoride containing dentifrices represents the most important tool of prevention. However, the long-lasting use of abrasive brushes and pastes leads to the real risk of combined erosive-abrasive lesions of teeth and gums. Therefore, the evaluation of alternative bio-physical methods for nonabrasive reduction of bacterial biofilms on teeth is of great clinical
importance. The generation of ultrasound in a selected frequency is in this sense a plausible approach.

Therefore, the efficacy of plaque control was assessed in a clinically controlled study using the ultrasonic toothbrush Emmi®-dental Professional (EMAG AG, Mörfelden- Walldorf) on 16 subjects aged 20 to 34 years. The reduction of dental plaque on all sites of teeth was intraorally photo-documented and blinded assessed using a modified Planimetrical Navy-Plaque-Index. Gingival health was clinically also assessed an all sites of teeth by the Gingiva Index. The study was approved by the Ethical Committee of the University of Witten/ Herdecke, and the subjects signed a written consent.

The study protocol for 28 days started with professional meticulous tooth cleaning, a 4-day training period, another 3-day plaque-regrowth, and the follow-up was documented after 7 and 21 days. The ultrasonic toothbrush was according to the manufacturer (Emmi®-dental) exclusively ultrasound activated.
This is, therefore, the first pure ultrasound study, because all other studies included in the meta-analysis of the Cochrane Reports 2005 and 2010 deal with combined sound/ ultrasound devices.

The test toothbrush Emmi®-dental Professional demonstrated a well pronounced reduction of plaque after 4 training days and a 3-day plaque-regrowth period in all 16 subjects according to the cross-over protocol. This plaque reduction on all sites of teeth after one single toothbrushing was measured with more than 20% compared to the non-cleaned teeth. During follow-up for 7 and 21 days, the area free of plaque was kept by 45%. The plaque reduction was better at the front teeth compared to the 5 posterior teeth. Maxillary and mandibular teeth were equally well cleaned. The assessment of plaque control along the gum line and between the teeth demonstrated a clear reduction of plaque at this high risk areas.

The parallel assessment of gingival health using the Gingiva Index demonstrated extremely low scores over the whole study period indicating that most sites were free of inflammation. Therefore, the tooth brush is contributing to gingival health. According to the Cochrane Reviews of 2005 and 2010, meta-analyzing different powered toothbrushes for plaque control and gingival health, ultrasonic toothbrushes tested so far were combined sound/ ultrasound models. Therefore, the results presented in this Executive Summary are
unique, demonstrating effective plaque removal and tooth cleaning ability of the powered ultrasonic toothbrush. The most important advantage of this powered toothbrush is the non-abrasive movement over the tooth groups to exclude any abrasive risk for teeth and gums when in permanent use. This is a completely new biophysical dimension of effective tooth cleaning and control of the bacterial biofilms with no brushing action at all.

Clinical conclusion

The tested exclusively ultrasound-activated toothbrush Emmi®-dental Professional is effective in plaque reduction. The ultrasonic toothbrush contributes to gingival health and avoids completely abrasive brush movements. Therefore, the risk of abrasive lesions on teeth and gums is excluded.

Förstärkning av mikrobubblor i emmi®-dent tandkrämerna


To whom it may concern,

As the picture below shows you see an image shot with high magnification detail of the
emmi®-pet Toothpaste. The picture was taken with the scanning electron microscope
Hitachi S-4500.

It clearly shows the formation of micro bubbles which will implode in the process.
A micro bubble is a hundred times smaller than plaque-bacteria.

I herewith confirm that I took several pictures with magnification levels 20-60.00x
over the past years for continuous product testing and development of EMAG products.

emmi® Tandkräm mikrobubblor

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